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Gas Pico-Cylinders for Medical Devices

Innovative solutions for
next-gen medical devices

What Is a Pico-Cylinder?

PICO: ultra-compact | Cylinder: gas canister

Pico-cylinders are the smallest, medically-manufactured, most reliable compressed gas cylinders available today. Smaller than micro-cylinders, pico-cylinders can unlock the power in your device and deliver gas at the right time with the right dosage.

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Products & Features

Breakaway Septum pico-cylinders or Valved

Our pico-cylinders come in two styles: single-use breakaway seal (pin-actuated) and valved for limited reuse.

We provide a complete system that includes the canister, gas and a precision actuator.

Our proprietary, stainless steel pico-cylinders feature:

  • Accurate and consistent gas fill levels
  • Extremely low puncture forces
  • Precision-sealing surfaces
  • Laser-marked for identification & traceability
  • Long shelf life
  • Medical manufactured – ISO 13485:2016

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Gas Power or Gas Delivery

We design, develop and manufacture ultra-compact, compressed gas pico-cylinders for two uses:

  • Power source for devices, such as self-injection devices, drug delivery systems, and implant delivery
  • Delivery of medical gases, such as single-use inhalers or to inject medical gases into the body

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Custom Solutions

Our Pico-Cylinders & Your Medical Devices: Made for Each Other

Looking for something unique? Our Application Engineers can help custom design pico-cylinders that meet all your application requirements.  Furthermore, our Application Engineers can support your device packaging requirements through collaborative activities with your company’s device design team members.

We can help you with custom pico-cylinder creation with the optimum identification of the most effective gas type, pressures and volumes for your needs.


Our pico-cylinders offer substantial benefits to patients, surgeons and medical staff.


Device Design Flexibility

Higher power density enables compact device development.



Highest quality specification in the market.


Device Control & Convenience

Smooth and silent delivery with enhanced ergonomics.


Proven Performance

Millions of pico-cylinders shipped.

Manufacturing & Quality

State of the Art & One of a Kind

We’ve built the only medical manufacturing facility in the world to meet your specific needs. Our cleanroom is ISO Class 8 certified and is state of the art.

We take great pride in our quality management systems, and our manufacturing verification processes are in a class by themselves.

Our manufacturing processes are highly automated with proprietary custom equipment designed specifically for medical gas cylinder production.

Picocyl is ISO 13485:2016 certified and has been audited and approved by numerous medical device and pharmaceutical firms.

Our team of outstanding medical manufacturing professionals is entirely focused on your satisfaction.

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“Picocyl has one of the best teams for innovation, product introduction, manufacturing controls and supplier performance.”

—Jim Warren, Business Unit Director, Nypro